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La La Land - was that keyboard real?
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La La Land - was that keyboard real?

If you've seen La La Land, the film that came so close to winner the Oscar for Best Picture, you'll have no doubt noticed an unusual-looking keyboard in the scene where Ryan Gosling performs with John Legend in the song "Start a Fire."   That's not a prop.  Ryan is playing the Seaboard GRAND, an incredible instrument from UK manufacturer ROLI. 

It's appearance in the film is thanks to Marius de Vries, the executive music producer of La La Land. He was an early adopter of the instrument, stating  “The Seaboard GRAND is a pinnacle of elegant, cutting-edge music technology, so it was the perfect choice for this scene.”

ROLI's unique 'keywave' surface is made from a single piece of silicon, which responds to multiple-dimensions of touch, allowing this keyboard-style instrument to be played with similar techniques to acoustic instruments, allowing for expression otherwise impossible from a keyboard. 

Discover more about ROLI here.

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