ROLI is proud to announce the new Electromagnetic Pulse soundpack by Grimes. Electromagnetic Pulse by Grimes is free with every purchase of a Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block by ROLI.  Or get the soundpack for £6.99 in NOISE — the free music-making app that powers BLOCKS.

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Electromagnetic Pulse by Grimes captures her signature sound in the sense that it is eclectically synthy, impossible to pin down, weirdly compelling, and defiantly future-facing. The soundpack does not look to the past and channel the drums or synths of Visions or Art Angels (2015). Instead, it’s a sketch of what Grimes may do next.

“When I was making these sounds I was trying to make stuff that I would actually use. They don’t sound like anything I’ve made before, but they have vibes I’d be curious about. ”

Grimes Electromagnetic Pulse full portrait Electromagnetic Pulse is available now in the NOISE app and free with BLOCKS.

There is Stalingrad, an ominous bass that evokes an orchestra playing on the sidelines of the horrific battle. There’s Ocarina of Thyme, a delicate synth inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Talking Dog Bass reminds Grimes of Q, her dog. She wants producers to explore her sounds on BLOCKS. But she will be one of the main users of her own soundpack as she works on her newest projects.

“I wanted to make things that were 3D and felt really good. My first three albums were very digital, and my last album was really guitar heavy because I thought, ‘Oh man, it would be great to play a real instrument in real life.’ But now that I understand production a lot better, I’m in to a whole new world of synthesis, I guess.”

“Experimental” is another of the labels that is ascribed to Grimes’s work. It’s as imperfect as pop, in that few experimental musicians sell millions of records and headline festivals around the world. But when you see Grimes at work, it fits. She is a young, self-taught artist who experiments with new sounds and new technologies. She wants to push forward to something new. Nothing is set, and everything is changing — indeed each new work rejects attempts to categorize her.

The thrill of truly experimental music — for both the artist and the fans — is that no one quite knows what is coming next.

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