ROLI launches “My Studio”, a brand new section of the ROLI NOISE app

ROLI MyStudio 560

BLOCKS is all about switching things up: the sounds that you’re playing, the individual Blocks that you bring into your kit, and the size and shape of your playing surface. Everything is totally configurable, and these configurations just got a lot easier with "My Studio", a new section of the NOISE app.

My Studio provides quick customisation of a multi-Block setup. It shows you the Blocks that you’ve connected — and then lets you assign sounds and settings for each Block. Crucially, you can decide whether multiple Blocks behave as one instrument or as multiple instruments.

Just to share a few examples, My Studio is great for:

  • Connecting two or three Seaboard Blocks and making them one continuous instrument.
  • Customising a three-Lightpad-Block setup: one as a drum kit, one as a flute instrument, and the third as a clip launcher.
  • Changing the sounds or functions you have assigned to each Block — quickly and in real time.

Similar functions are available through BLOCKS Dashboard, a desktop application that lets you configure your Blocks to work with your favourite DAWs and plug-ins. My Studio introduces this functionality to NOISE, so you can customise your setup anywhere you take your Blocks and a connected device.

How do you access My Studio? Update your Block’s firmware, and ensure you have the latest version of NOISE. The icon for My Studio will appear in the top navigation panel of NOISE. It's as simple as that!

Support for My Studio is just one part of a comprehensive firmware update. Other updates include:

  • Expanding the number of Blocks that can be played together in a stable, multi-Block setup (at least 16).
  • Improved power management for DNA-linked Blocks and improved charger support.
  • Support for Touch Block added.

Remember to regularly your firmware through the Settings panel in NOISE or directly through My Studio. You may discover some pleasant surprises!

Two Lightpad Blocks assigned to two different instruments, Beauty Strings and Trap Drum Kit:

My Studio 3 560

A Seaboard Block assigned to the Ocean's Lament instrument, alongside two Lightpad Blocks assigned to two different instruments, Trap Drum Kit and Breath Flute:

My Studio 1 560

A Seaboard Block and a Touch Block assigned to the Ocean's Lament instrument, and a Lightpad Block assigned to Trap Drum Kit:

My Studio 2 560

All the functions of My Studio are also available outside of the NOISE app, in the BLOCKS Dashboard desktop application. Here a Seaboard Block, a Lightpad Block and a Touch Block are being assigned to different instruments and modes via BLOCKS Dashboard:

Dashboard SBB Touch 560

For more information on ROLI BLOCKS please click here.

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