Live Block

Made for Performance

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Live Block

Part of the ROLI BLOCKS system, the Live Block makes it easier to perform music in real time with BLOCKS. Its controls let you switch scales and octaves, play chords and arpeggios, sustain notes, and cycle through sounds. The Block creates shortcuts to functions that make your musical performances more expressive, so you can spend more time improvising and less time navigating software menus.

The Live Block works with the Lightpad Block, the 5D MIDI controller that is the centrepiece of the ROLI BLOCKS system. The Blocks connect magnetically to create a customized music studio and can be expanded by adding the Loop Block, which helps music production.

The Live Block, Loop Block, and Lightpad Block are powered by NOISE, a free iOS app that doubles as a high-powered soft synth. NOISE connects to Live Block wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth.

Recommended for:

Aspiring, proficient, and professional musicians who love performing, whether it’s on a stage on a kitchen counter, and want additional controls for adding expression to their music in real time.

What’s in the Box:

ROLI Live Block
Quick start guide

  • Physically connects to ROLI’s Lightpad Block and Loop Block through magnetised BLOCKS DNA connectors
  • Wirelessly connects to ROLI’s Lightpad Block and Loop Block through Bluetooth
  • Use the Scale button to choose from 15 musical scales including major, minor, Blues and Japanese
  • Conveniently move between octaves using the Octave button
  • Press the Chord button and play a chord by pressing a single note
  • Press the Arp button and play an arpeggio by pressing a single note
  • Let a note linger by pressing the Sustain button
  • Handheld design measuring 4.8 by 9.5 centimetres fits neatly in a pocket
  • Charges through connection to other Blocks
Other FeaturesBluetooth, Charging
Bluetooth CompatibilityBluetooth 4.0
Power SourceBattery Power
Height2.2 cm/0.87 in.
Length9.5 cm/3.74 in.
Width4.8 cm/1.89 in.
Weight106.73 g

Customise BLOCKS for your workflow

Extend the power of your modular music studio through BLOCKS Dashboard, a versatile application that integrates BLOCKS with leading digital audio workstations (DAWs) and plug-ins. Control your favourite software in a new, intuitive, faster way.

BLOCKS Dashboard is now available to all BLOCKS creators as an open beta. ROLI is proud to engage with the BLOCKS community to develop new features that will make the application even more powerful and integral to a variety of workflows.

Download BLOCKS Dashboard here and check minimum system requirements there.

BLOCKS works with many other leading DAWs and plug-ins including:

•  Apple : Logic Pro X
• Ableton : Live
• Native Instruments : Kontakt, Massive 
• Steinberg : Cubase
• Bitwig : Studio
• Spectrasonics : Omnisphere 
• FXpansion : Strobe2
• SampleModeling : Swam
• Cycling ‘74 : Max MSP

The Lightpad Block, Loop Block, and Live Block become open-ended MIDI control surfaces through BLOCKS Dashboard. You can configure them through different programs and modes. Customise the LED-illuminated Lightpad Block as faders, a 4x4 drum pad, a continuous XYZ pad, and more. Use the Loop and Live Blocks as CC controllers for your favourite DAW.