"With the integration of drum pads, the Nord Drum 3P is a fantastic consolidation of all that has gone before. It balances perfectly between creating unique, almost other-wordly sounds on the one hand and remaining infinitely usable on the other”.

Sos drum3p 560

The super compact Nord Drum 3P combines stunning playability with unlimited sound design possibilities from the innovative Nord Drum 2. New features include integrated multi-pad, Reverb and Delay effects, a simplified sound selection mode and new Sound Banks for quickly creating custom kits on the fly.  The Nord Drum 3P receives a fantastic review in the new issue of Sound On Sound magazine.

"It's very difficult to describe the presets of the ND3P, which I appreciate isn't ideal in a review! The problem is that they really are unique. There are, of course, the fairly typical electronic drum sounds we are all used to hearing, but the vast majority of sounds are like nothing you will hear from any other drum module."

"I thought the Nord Drum and Nord Drum 2 were exceptional and innovative products, and the ND3P certainly continues that tradition. This instrument really is a unique proposition."

"The Nord Drum 3P has a great 'all in one' feel, with instant gratification from the built-in pads. No need for external triggers, Nord Pad or a MIDI sequencer to start getting something creative from it. Having said that, the MIDI implementation means that the ND3P is equally at home as a 'drum module' in a studio environment or as a live performance tool."

"It almost goes without saying that, like all Nord products, its build quality is exceptionally high. The editing and sound creation has been made even easier with the introduction of the drum groups and the streamlining of some of the editing parameters, and the delay and reverb effects have added to what was already a stunning-sounding instrument. You'll find yourself putting on a pair of headphones and vanishing into the world of the Nord Drum for hours!"

The full review can be found in the April issue of Sound On Sound magazine on sale now.  The Nord Drum 3P is also available now priced at £579 RRP inc VAT.  For more information please click here.

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