"At this point I could spend a paragraph or two pontificating, but instead I'll cast cool professionalism aside and blurt that I absolutely love the Wave 2: its sound, just as much as its immediacy and versatility."

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With four independent synthesisers in one, the Wave 2 is Nord's most powerful and versatile live performance synthesiser ever. It receives a fantastic review in the new issue of Sound On Sound magazine.

"The analogue side of things can be liquid and lush or downright dirty and potent. Apart from that one hint in the filter section - the 'M' in the Moog-style filter - it’s clearly not trying to sound like others synths from history. But I was amazed by the extent to which it could”.

"In the final reckoning, though, there's so much to commend this new Nord. It strikes a brilliant balance between simplicity and capability. It's fundamentally well-rounded and unpretentious, but is capable of turning out a constant stream of classy and very usable sounds with astonishing ease."

"The multi-layer design is a big part of its strength; so will be the delightfully unhampered effects implementation for all those users (like me) who regard effects as integral to sound design. You might still want a modular system or a matrix-equipped monster to support more out-there sound design voyages, but for everything else, the Wave 2 is a go-to, do-anything synth like few others."

The full review can be found in the October issue of Sound On Sound magazine as well as online here

The Nord Wave 2 is also available now priced at £2149 RRP inc VAT.

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