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Our 52-week 'Nord Speedy Tutorial' Series is Now Complete
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Our 52-week 'Nord Speedy Tutorial' Series is Now Complete

Since March last year, we've posted a Nord Speedy Tutorial every week. They are 1-minute tutorials highlighting solutions to frequently asked questions and providing useful tips on the Nord Stage, Lead, Electro and Piano. We’ve now reached the 52nd and final episode of the series. A special thanks to our product specialist Rob Wallace who has been producing, demonstrating and narrating the tutorials.

However this is not the end of Speedy Tutorials! We will be adding more content in the coming months, covering more FAQs including lessons for the new Nord Electro 6. We would also like to encourage any of you with questions to submit requests. Is there anything we’ve missed or that you’d like to see a tutorial on? Let us know!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Speedy Tutorials so far and found them to be a useful resource. You can find the whole series on our Speedy Tutorial Page or on our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe for the latest content! Here's a selection of some of our most popular tutorials below:

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