“…without doubt, this is the best sounding and most versatile Electro yet - at this price it’s pretty much unbeatable!"

Nord Electro5D FM 560

With a greatly expanded memory and the added ability to split and layer and a live focused program section, the new Nord Electro 5 is a highly refined, focused yet flexible stage keyboard.  It is reviewed in the new issue of Future Music magazine where it receives a 10 out of 10 overall rating and the magazine’s 'Platinum Award'.

“You now have two parts available at once that can be split and layered and addressed from separate MIDI channels.  For example, you can place an organ on the left, and a piano on the right, (or layer them) or piano on the left and sampled strings on the right (or layer them).  The benefits of this are huge and make the E5 a much more self-contained machine than previous models”.

“Other newness includes a big OLED screen which is a huge departure for Nord boards but, true to Nord’s ethos, there’s still no menu diving so the focus remains firmly on hands-on tweak-ability…It all works very intuitively and is a big/natural improvement over the old Electros (and the Stage)…”.

“The piano memory has jumped from 180MB to 1GB which now means you can load much bigger piano samples, including the lovely new XL Silver Grand and my favourite, the XL Bright Grand”.

“The Electro feels like a much more complete instrument and has been improved in all the right places”.

The full review can be found in the November 2015 issue of Future Music magazine on sale now.  The Nord Electro 5 series is also available now starting at £1559 RRP inc VAT.

Nord Keyboards are distributed in UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd.  For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/nord