The Bambino Upright is a charming little instrument with a warm and shimmering sound. It is available for free download for Nord users in the Nord Piano Library.

Nord Keyboards are proud to announce a fantastic new piano for free download in the Nord Piano Library. The Bambino Upright is a spinet piano (also referred to as pianettes or bambino pianos). 

Bambino 560

Having a smaller resonance chamber and a shorter string scale gives a fairly thin sounding lower register - which could sometimes be considered an advantage as it will easily fit into a mix with other instruments. This piano type has graced many a living room and is perfect for the Sunday coffee concert.

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About the Nord Piano Library

The Nord Piano Library is a specialised library for acoustic and electric keyboard instruments and incorporates a number of unique technologies in order to create the most realistic reproductions of the original instruments. The library contains a wide selection of multisampled upright and grand pianos, vintage electric pianos, harpsichords and clavinets – all carefully selected for their unique characters.

Compatible with: Nord Electro 5 • Nord Electro 4 • Nord Stage 2 EX • Nord Stage 2 • Nord Piano 2 • Nord Piano 3 • Nord Electro 3 • Nord Piano 88 • Nord Stage EX • Nord Stage Classic

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