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Nord Presents: Brandon Coleman Sessions
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Nord Presents: Brandon Coleman Sessions

Nord artist Brandon Coleman has created his own Signature Sound Bank for the Nord Stage 3. It comes loaded with 50 killer patches, developed from Nord's original Factory Sounds.

The patches in Brandon's Signature Sound Bank represent a snapshot of his broad musical experiences. The L.A. born keyboardist & producer has worked with countless big names in the music industry including Kamasi Washington, Childish Gambino, Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder to name a few.

To demonstrate the sounds he's created for the Stage 3, Nord & Brandon have produced The Brandon Coleman Sessions. The sessions below were filmed at RMV Studios in Stockholm, featuring Morgan Ågren on drums. They show a range of keyboard sounds from the Sound Bank, and a separate jam on the Nord C2D Organ. 

Nord advises Stage 3 players to fully explore the Morphs assigned to Mod Wheel and Control Pedal when playing through this Sound Bank!

The Brandon Coleman Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 is available for free on Nord’s website

Download the Brandon Coleman Signature Sound Bank
The jazz musicians are gonna love it, I think the pop musicians are gonna love it and if you have some funk in you, you are gonna really love it….I got some sounds in here that are strictly for the funkateers!

#1 MingusMiltDuke

#2 Jazz Fusion

#3 Venice Beach Party

#4 Funky Jams

#5 Cinematic

#6 Nord C2D Organ Jam

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