The Baroque At The Edge festival invites leading musicians from all genres to take the music of the Baroque period and see where it leads them. Held at the London Symphony Orchestra’s LSO St Luke’s venue, the festival has of course moved virtual for 2021 with pre-recorded performances at LSO St Luke’s prior to the latest set of UK lockdowns.

Taking place from 7 – 10 January the online festival includes performances and talks from a whole variety of artists, including Art of Moog who are performing a concert at 9:30pm on Saturday 9th January entitled “Bach’s Friends Electric” (tickets cost £11.37 available here) , plus a live Zoom synthesizer demo “Truly, Madly, Moogly” today on Friday 8th January at 4pm (tickets cost £5.98 available here).

Art of Moog recently invested in three new Nord Wave 2 synthesizers to supplement their rig of analogue and digital synthesizers.

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Explaining their choice of the Wave 2 keyboard player Robin Bigwood said,

“The Wave 2 is both great sounding and hugely versatile. When we started out in the group we struggled to find synths that could produce convincing analogue-style tones but that were also quick to program (we never use any factory presets…), that were also really responsive and expressive for live playing, and capable of extensive layering and splitting, multi-timbrally. The answer, initially, came in the form of the Lead A1 - I still have one and it’s one of my favourite synths of all. But we moved to Wave 2s as soon as they were available. They keep all the strengths of the A1 but build on them hugely.

“The sample replay aspect is huge - we’re now programming lots of sounds based around string machine and Mellotron timbres, available from the Nord Sample Library. But it’s also the excellent 5 octave keybed, that is so good for really committed live playing. The layer-control facilities are better, and super-easy to work with. And we love the expanded morph capabilities - we are often using wheel, pedal, impulse and velocity morphs in parallel, with aftertouch driving vibrato. It’s hard to imagine a synth that offers more real-time control - and yet the Waves also sound so good. They blend with and complement our Moog and Sequential analogues, with ease.”

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