"Larrivée delivers stylishly-designed, cleanly-built guitars. These two are no different, but the timber choices add character in a very welcome way…All-solid wood guitars with a reputable name, made in California, at this price, with cases? It's hard to say no”.

G B 03Specials 560

The Larrivée P-03Z (Zebrano) & OM-03WW (All-American Walnut) are two of the latest models in a series of special edition 03 Recording series guitars.  In a fantastic Guitar & Bass magazine review of both models, the Larrivée P-03Z is awarded the magazine’s prestigious ‘Choice’ award.

"Many of today's affordable parlour guitars look the part but sound nasal and thin - the price of putting looks and specs above what's on the inside. This is where Larrivee's experience and all-solid wood build come into play, because the sound properly billows out of this little guitar. It's old-timey but sustaining, delicate and responsive, with forward lower mids, a tight bottom end and sweet trebles".

"The OM-03WW delivers natural, unforced highs and a bias towards the bassy end of the spectrum, sounding almost like a baritone”.

"More proof that it's worth looking beyond Martin and Taylor if you want a US-built guitar that ticks all the boxes: design, sound, playability and value”.

The full review can be found in the July issue of Guitar & Bass magazine on sale now.  The Larrivée P-03Z and OM-03WW are also available now at £1079 and £1249 RRP inc VAT respectively.

For more information on the Special Edition Larrivée -03 Recording Series please click here.

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