Acoustic classof2013 560

The new issue of Acoustic magazine includes a feature on the 'The Greatest Gear of 2013". Two Larrivée Guitars are included - the Larrivée OM-02E and the Larrivée 000-03E Vintage.

"Their can be little doubt that the OM-02E is a spectacularly good guitar for the money. Finding such immaculate, all-solid construction and shimmering, detailed tones for under a grand is not an easy thing to do, but Larrivée has managed it. This guitar is deliriously close to perfection. The OM-02E remains a stellar instrument and one that fingerstyle players in particular absolutely must try out. You won't regret it".

"The Larrivée 000-03E is, quite simply, one hell of a guitar. If you've even the slightest leaning towards vintage-inspired six stringers the combination of that spectacular finish, retro tuners and rootsy parlour body will be nigh on impossible to resist. The selling point here is the the sheer quality of the construction,and the masterful way in which the concept of a vintage-themed showstopper has been realised to absolute perfection".

The full round-up can be found in the latest issue of Acoustic magazine (December, Issue 86) on sale now. The Larrivée OM-02E and 000-03E Vintage are also available now at £999 and £1899 RRP inc VAT respectively.

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