“This is a fantastic acoustic that suits a variety of styles and sounds and should help even further cement Larrivée as one of the top acoustic brands”.

Larrivee D03E V 560

The All-Mahagony Larrivée -03 Vintage series have been extremely popular with critics and customers alike since their arrival in the UK. Guitar interactive magazine review the D-03E Vintage dreadnought model in the latest issue of the magazine where it is praised, in particular, for it’s fantastic tone, build quality, excellent finish and pickup.

“(It) delivers plenty of body and volume, yet also has lots of scope for vast dynamics. Picked or strummed, this guitar responds well with a balanced tone throughout”.

“What it maybe lacks on bling it makes up for in spades with its tone and playability. It is a high-end acoustic, but what I love is it lets its sound do all the talking, and once it’s plugged in that will certainly get the heads turning”.

“Pricewise, this isn’t one of Larrivée’s cheaper models but you have to judge it, not against Far Eastern factory made guitars, but against products of the ‘big name’ US builders and judged in that class, it is actually good value - and it even comes with a hard case, which is always good”.

The full review and video play-through can be found in the latest issue of Guitar Interactive magazine (Issue 26) or by clicking here. The Larrivée D-03E Vintage is available now at £1899 RRP inc VAT.

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