"I am glad to say my first encounter with a Larrivée has been a really good one and it's easy to say nice things about an instrument when it's fully justified, because this really is a lovely guitar”.

Iguitar om 03z 560

The Larrivée OM-03Z Zebrano is the newest model in a series of special edition 03 Recording series guitars.  In a fantastic Guitar Interactive magazine review, the OM-03Z is praised for being “very well made”, having “fabulous looks”, that it “sounds alive” and is a “great price”.

"...the guitar rings and resonates like it's alive and playability is superb and effortless. There are no dead spots, and our sample was set up with a lovely action and string tension, with excellent intonation in all positions and a very sweet and rich sound that will only get better as the years go by”.

"I am also very confident that Larrivée guitars are very consistent in their quality, so even one that isn't any kind of special edition would deserve our attention just as much something a bit special. And this Larrivée OM-03Z Zebrano is definitely a bit special!"

"It also sells at a silly price for a US-made guitar and just to rub salt in Larrivée's rival’s wounds, it even comes with a deluxe hard case! If you're looking for a really top class acoustic at an affordable price, you really must check out one of these!"

The full review can be found in issue 42 of Guitar Interactive magazine or by clicking here.

The Larrivée OM-03Z Zebrano is available now at £1199 RRP inc VAT.

Larrivée Guitars are distributed in the UK & ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/larrivee.