"We truly are in the golden age of the acoustic instrument and, yes, there is plenty of choice out there. The thing is that Larrivée, in terms of sounds, build and price, is becoming a very hard to beat. These Legacy series guitars just make that attraction even stronger".

GIT376 560

The -40 Legacy Series are a revolutionary new series of guitars from Larrivée. These new models, born from years of research and testing, feature Jean Larrivée’s first new bracing pattern in over 46 years. The new “Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid” bracing system perfectly merges the strength, tonal balance, and clarity of Larrivée bracing, with the bass response, depth, and volume you’d expect from a vintage dreadnought. Guitarist magazine review the Larrivée D-40R and OM-40 in the latest issue, where they are both awarded the magazine's Guitarist 'Choice' award.

"These two instruments again illustrate just how good a maker Larrivée is. Faultless build, setup and playability, with a sound that doesn't step too far from the classic American steel-string, but far enough to make you, the player, sit up and take notice".

"Whatever is happening under the hood is exemplified primarily by the dreadnought, which to out hands and ears not only seems tremendously even and wide but has a response and resonance of an older, well played guitar. In drop tunings it's positively orchestral, picked or strummed".

The full review can be found in the January 2014 issue (376) of Guitarist magazine. The Larrivée D-40R and OM-40 are both available now at £1399 and £1299 RRP respectively.

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