"Meticulous, immaculate, smart and beautiful - it's everything you could want in a mahogany-backed dread that offers all the clarity and reliability of a modern guitar with the full and dynamic character of a vintage-styled classic".

Acoustic d40 560

The D-40 is a revolutionary new guitar from Larrivée. This new model, born from years of research and testing, features Jean Larrivée’s first new bracing pattern in over 46 years. The new “Scalloped Parabolic Hybrid” bracing system perfectly merges the strength, tonal balance, and clarity of Larrivée bracing, with the bass response, depth, and volume you’d expect from a vintage dreadnought. Acoustic magazine review this "supremely versatile" guitar in the latest issue of the magazine.

"...if I've ever learned anything in my time as a guitar reviewer, it would have to be "don't underestimate a Larrivée". I've done so before and been completely bowled over by some of the nicest guitars I've ever played, and in truth it would be difficult to go into this review expecting any different".

"To my great surprise, the D-40 actually offers a lot more than I expected, and I believe that the bracing pattern has a lot to do with that. Where some dreds lose a bit of low-end warmth for the sale of definition, the D-40 is practically bursting at the seams with the sheer dynamic range on offer. The low strings are powerful, balanced and absolutely, pristinely clear..."

"The high strings fight admirably against the thundering low and with equal volume and presence, which is of course a dream for strumming but does actually work very well for fingerpicking, too. In short this is a supremely versatile guitar".

"All this adds up to a supremely impressive guitar with tone and personality to die for".

"Larrivée is a company that very rarely puts a foot wrong, and the D-40 is a perfect example of just why that is".

"The fact that it also comes in at an incredibly reasonable price is simply icing on the cake and makes it very difficult to level any real complaints towards it. There will be very few guitarists out there that could claim to being even slightly disappointed by a guitar like this. If you're in the market for a new guitar, put this very high on your "must-try" list".

The full review can be found in the latest issue of Acoustic magazine (February, 2014) on sale now. The Larrivée D-40 is also available now at £1249 RRP inc VAT.

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