"...the fact is that the 000-03 is a remarkable guitar that manages to blend all of those evasive qualities we guitarists spend untold hours in guitar shops struggling to find. In summary, this guitar is damn near perfect and an absolute must-try for anyone considering an acoustic in this price range".

Acoustic ooo03evintage 560

Another sensational Larrivée review this month; this time in Acoustic magazine where the Larrivée 000-03E Vintage is described as having that "perfect formula", receiving full marks in all review categories.

"Every now and then, on incredibly rare occasions, you come across a guitar that ticks all the right boxes. Something about the sound, the feel, and the look of the instrument come together in an experience that only your fellow guitarists will ever truly comprehend. It's a formula that countless guitar manufacturers have tried to replicate time and time again. While I'm sorry to spoil the surprise for you, I'll say right now that the Larrivée 000-03 may very well be one such guitar. I certainly thought so in my all too brief time with it, so join me as I take a look at what makes this latest offering such a spectacular instrument".

"I imagine that there are few guitarists who would argue the fact that this is one seriously desirable guitar. After being subjected in recent years to a maddening array of poorly executed 'bursts, the 000-03's gorgeous shades are truly a sight to behold. As you'll see from the, the 'burst is applied to every section of the guitar, and looks absolutely magnificent in every instance".

"Larrivée has ensured that the 000-03 sounds every bit as good as it looks, if not better. Natural harmonic overtones are a hallmark of great guitar manufacturing and the 000-03 has them in spades. I lost count of how many times I would end a passage of play with a long sustaining note or fading chord, only to lose myself for what seemed like an eternity listening".

"The Larrivee 000-03 is, quite simply, one hell of a guitar. If you've even the slightest leaning towards vintage-inspired six stringers the combination of that spectacular finish, retro tuners and rootsy parlour body will be nigh on impossible to resist".

The full review can be found in the latest issue of Acoustic magazine (Sept, Issue 83) on sale now. The Larrivée 000-03E Vintage is also available now at £1899 RRP inc VAT.

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