Kurzweil and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the new PC3A8 88-key Performance Controller.  The PC3A8 is a PC3K8 with the addition of the stunning Artis German D Grand Piano, with the Kore 64 sound expansion board pre-installed, but without the PC3K8's ability to load user-samples.

Pc3a8 560

Photo above - Kurzweil PC3A8 (click for hi-res version)

The new Kurzweil PC3A8 takes the venerable PC3 and adds the KORE 64 sound expansion board and the Artis German D Grand Piano as standard.  Featuring K2xxx Series compatibility, the VA-1 Virtual Analogue Synthesiser and KB3 Tonewheel Emulation, the Kurzweil PC3A is a true powerhouse.

The brand new Artis German 9’ Grand Piano has amazing tone, realism, and expression and is perfectly matched with a weighted Fatar TP40L action keyed.  The KORE 64™ ROM adds over 300 new programs, including stunning new Synths, Electric Guitars, Horns, Drums and Percussion. 

The PC3 introduced the world to a new generation of ground-breaking Kurzweil technology, having a synthesis architecture that remains unparalleled in depth and flexibility, combined with a staggering amount of effects processing power. The PC3 sound set, which encompasses everything from the traditional to the cutting edge, has been acknowledged as second to none.

Pc3a8 rear 560

Photo above - Kurzweil PC3A8 (back) (click for hi-res version)

Key Features

  • Artis German 9’ Grand Piano
  • KORE 64 powered
  • KB3 ToneReal organs
  • 1300+ factory programs
  • Powerful FX engine
  • 29 programmable physical controllers
  • Quick access user interface
  • Easy access Transpose buttons
  • USB Plug ’n Play
  • Software Editor (coming soon)

Pricing and Availability

The Kurzweil PC3A8 will be available from February 2015 priced at £2599 RRP inc VAT.