Kurzweil Music Systems and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce a series of added SoundBanks for the Forte® Series models which can be downloaded now from the Kurzweil website free of charge.

Forte se angle close

Photo above: Kurzweil Forte SE (click for hi-res version)

The Patch Kreator: KVA Synth - Turns your Forte into a fun and hands-on polyphonic virtual analog synthesiser. The KVA Synth features two oscillators, a sub oscillator, two 2-Pole Filters, Amp Envelope Controls, Filter Modulation and 4 Effects. Compatible models: Forte7/8/SE.

Kva synth cover2

DMM: Drum Multi Machine - Turn your Forte SE into a classic XOX-style drum machine. Control 8 zones of drum sounds, with each zone assigned to its own part of the kit. Mute and activate zones on the fly. Change the sound with the FSE controllers, while the FSE's 8 arpeggiators create the beat. Build your own Drum Multi Machine XOX steps from the template or have fun tweaking a preset. Compatible models: Forte SE.

Fortese dmm

DP1: Drum Pack 1 - 8 NEW drum programs that are immensely fun to play and interact with. Based on Arpeggiator patterns designed for each individual program, these drum programs groove for you! Change things up simply by playing new notes and moving controllers. Latch any pattern with a pedal and play other drums or percussion on top, creating your own grooves instantly. Turn the Arpeggiator OFF to play the drum kits normally. Compatible models: Forte7/8/SE.

Dp1 cover

Kinder Sounds - Create music with your Forte that evokes the wonder and whimsy of childhood. The Kinder Sounds library includes a Kinderklavier, Polyphon, Melodica, Bell Orchestra and more. Compatible models: Forte7/8/SE.

Kindersounds cover

The Patch Kreator: Bass - Lead - Create retro digital sounds with the Bass & Lead Patch Kreator. Mix 80's synth samples with DSP waveforms on the fly. Use the partial selector to change harmonics in real time. Build new patches from scratch or tweak the 10 factory programs included-- all from your Forte controllers. Compatible models: Forte7/8/SE.

Pk retrobassleads

Legacy Pack 1 - Includes six classic Kurzweil factory programs. Each program is enhanced to utilise the greater FX resources and real-time controllers of the Forte family. Enjoy some old favourites - renewed and updated. Compatible models: Forte7/8/SE.


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Kurzweil is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd.  For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/kurzweil.