"JBL updates One Series 104 with Bluetooth, and the result is one of our favourite compact desktop speakers ever”.

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With an array of easily accessible input options, smart features and a sleek, compact design, JBL 104-BT monitors provide great sound in every listening scenario, with the added flexibility of wireless streaming. This month they have received Expert Reviews’ prestigious ‘Recommended’ award.

"JBL’s original One Series 104 speakers performed a seemingly simple feat: they produced good sound from relatively small boxes and managed to do it without costing the earth. Now JBL has gone one better by adding Bluetooth to the equation and, while that sounds like a positively tiny upgrade, that small change has had a big impact."

"The new, and really rather brilliant, feature here is that you can now toggle between each input, or select All and monitor every input at once. This means, for instance, that you can listen to music via Bluetooth while still hearing notifications and receiving video or voice calls via the other analogue inputs. In practice, this is really very useful."

"After hooking them up, I spent a long time listening to the JBLs without even considering going back to my full-sized active monitors, and given that they cost around five times the price, that’s some compliment."

The JBL104-BT desktop reference monitors with Bluetooth are available now priced at £169 RRP inc VAT. The full review can be found online here.

JBL Professional by HARMAN is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/music-retail/jbl.