Sound On Sound have reviewed the latest portable column speaker from JBL Professional, the IRX ONE, in the June 2024 edition of their magazine.

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The review is very positive and picks out some of the key features that impressed the reviewer, including its ease-of-use, lightweight design and clear sound, to name a few.

The reviewer was particularly pleased with how the IRX ONE packs down into itself and has a built-in handle which covers the controls, making the fixture easy to carry with one hand and also keeping the components safe from any damage in transit/use.

With this in mind, the ease of set up was another key feature the reviewer was impressed with, in particular the way the speaker detects how many spacers have been placed in the column section and 'makes subtle adjustments to the sound output to ensure optimum balance and coverage' - 'as with just about everything else on the IRX ONE there's nothing for the user to worry about: everything is taken care of'.

The reviewer couldn't have been happier with the sound quality that was provided from the IRX ONE, stating, 'It provided lovely room-filling coverage without sounding too loud in an one place. The very wide dispersion and even sound balance was just what we needed...'

In summary 'The IRX ONE provides quality sound with great coverage in an exceptionally easy-to-use, highly portable package. I'd imagine that it will find much favour in the educational and corporate worlds as it is an ideal AV tool, equally at home in a presentation, exhibition or public address context as it is with live music.'

You can read the full review in the Sound On Sound June 2024 edition, or online here.

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