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JBL Professional have announced a new app and firmware update for the popular PRX800-series, addressing two key pieces of feedback from users.

The firmware update adds two default settings to ensure out of the box, quality sound, with the option to recall default settings via the free app. This helps speed up setup times and finding the sound you require intuitive, with simplicity in mind.

New in the PRX800 V2 Firmware Update:

Enhanced Bass Tuning (PRX812 and PRX815):

This new default tuning preset features enhanced low frequencies. You will immediately notice a warmer and fuller tone and will be particularly impressed when playing bass-heavy music including pop, hip hop and EDM. (A flat tuning is also available.)

More Control over Input Gain (all models except subwoofers):

Line-level inputs now include options for Hi and Lo input sensitivity settings. Lo input sensitivity is pre-set by the update, which will result in louder playback by default without having to touch the Input Gain knob. You can switch to Hi input sensitivity, the previous default setting, with a simple flip of a switch in the PRX Connect App.

You already know that PRX800-series components are the loudest, toughest speakers in their class; this free upgrade provides a fresh way to experience their full power, clarity and nuance, as well as showcase the robust capabilities of the PRX Connect App.

Watch the video below to learn more about the PRX800 V2 firmware update and how to install it:

The PRX800-series V2 firmware update is available now in the latest versions of the PRX Connect App for Android and iOS, downloadable through Google Play and Apple App Store.