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All-in-one linear array PA system

Extra-Wide Sound Coverage

EON ONE features a unique patent-pending speaker configuration that deliversexceptionally consistent sound coverage. Similar to the technology that goes into ourmassive concert speaker arrays, JBL Directivity Control Geometry optimizes the spacingand angle of each driver to ensure extraordinary sound quality and consistentdirectionality. That means every member of your audience will experience the samegreat sound—no matter where they’re standing.  

Powerful Bass You Can Hear—And Feel

EON ONE sports an unobstructed 10” subwoofer—the largest in its class—so theaudience feels your bass tones with full force. Bass-reflex technology further increasesthe impact of your bass tones, delivering crystal clear, well-defined low-frequencyresponse.

Bluetooth Streaming

EON ONE is outfitted with Bluetooth connectivity for convenient, cable-freeperformance. Play pre-recorded backing tracks for singer-songwriter gigs. Stream yourfavorite playlist to set the mood for any party. Or play back audio during conferences,worship events and more.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Controls

With a professional onboard 6-channel mixer, EON ONE lets you take complete controlof your sound. Simply connect all your favorite microphones, instruments and more toget started in seconds. Dial in your perfect tone with parametric EQ and reverb controls,then easily mix your audio to suit the performance space with individual channelvolumes and a master volume.Effortless One-Hand CarryEON ONE is the only all-in-one linear-array PA that you can carry with one hand. Noshoulder bags. No second trips to the car. The system’s high-frequency speaker arrayand adjustable height spacers pack neatly into the base unit to create a singlestreamlined package. With perfectly placed handles, EON ONE makes transporteffortless and efficient, no matter how far it is to the next performance.

Proven JBL Professional Sound Quality

For over 70 years, JBL has powered music’s most celebrated artists and festivals. Fromcolossal speaker arrays that fill the largest stadiums, to personal P.A. systems that givevoice to emerging talent, JBL products deliver world-class innovation and superior soundquality. EON ONE brings unmatched JBL performance to your next gig, event orpresentation.

  • Proven JBL Professional sound quality
  • Patent-pending linear-array configuration (six 2” HF drivers) offers exceptional sound coverage
  • Unobstructed 10” bass-reflex subwoofer for accurate low-frequency response
  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from your mobile device
  • Powerful 6-channel mixer with easy-to-use controls
  • 380 watts of power, 118 dB max SPL for clear, detailed audio
  • Carry the entire system with one hand, set up in seconds
  • Perfect for live music, conferences, events and more
  • 3 listening positions for different environments
Speaker and Amplifier
SpeakersUnobstructed 10" LF driver with 6x 2" HF Drivers
Max SPL Output118 dB (peak)
Class D amplifier250W LF + 130W HF
6 Channel Mixer
Channel 1-2 with bass, treble, reverb, mic/line selector, and combo 1/4" phone and XLR input
Channel 3/4with 1/4" balanced TRS jacks (stereo) or pair of RCA jacks (stereo)
Channel 5/6with 1/8” (3.5mm) input jack for portable electronics, or Bluetooth audio streaming
Monitor outputsStereo RCA
Weight and Dimensions
Weight40.8 lbs (18.5 kg)