Mix Magazine have recently featured the new 500 Series Modules from Harrison Audio as part of their 'Real-World Reviews' feature, putting them to the test and taking a closer look at these latest processors.

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The review provides a through breakdown of the three individual modules, taking you through the features of each and what each one can bring to your rack. At the end of each, the reviewer handily provides an overview of how they used each modules and how it performed.

The 32Cpre+ overview stated - 'The resultant recordings were not only clean and detailed but also had a subtle roundness that yielded a pleasing, natural sound that was free from harshness.'

For the MR3eq - 'Overall, I liked the MR3eq a whole lot. For recording vocals and instruments or as a hardware insert when mixing, it always helped to improve the sound.'

And when it comes to the Comp, the reviewer appreciated the simplicity of the modules - 'As you adjust the sound, there’s no computer between you and the music, and you feel a more direct connection to it.'

To conclude the review - 'Individually, all three are notable products. Put them together in your 500 Series rack, and you’ll have a powerful and versatile console-style input chain for vocals or instruments.'

To read the full Mix Magazine review, follow the link here.

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