Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce distribution and immediate availability of Hamer Guitars in the UK & ROI. 

Monaco and sunburst group shot 560

Photo above: Hamer Sunburst (left) and Hamer Monaco Korina (right) (click for hi-res version)

Considered by many to be the first “boutique” guitar brand, Hamer Guitars was founded in 1973 by vintage guitar shop owners Paul Hamer and Jol Dantzig. Since 2017, the Hamer brand has been under the ownership of JAM Industries, with the 2018/19 product line-up consisting of six models based on classic Hamer designs and much-loved custom shop models.

The Sunburst

HAM Sunburst 560

Photo above: Hamer Sunburst (click for hi-res version)

Based on the original Hamer flat top Sunburst models from late 1970s, the new Hamer Sunburst (£699 RRP inc VAT) blends an old-soul with best-in-class specification. The body shape and neckjoint are based on the sought-after vintage Hamer originals. The new Sunburst features flamed maple over a solid mahogany body and a period-authentic sunburst finish.

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The Monaco Korina

HAM Monaco Korina 560

Photo above: Hamer Monaco Korina (click for hi-res version)

The new Hamer Monaco Korina (£679 RRP inc VAT) is based on a very limited edition, much-sought-after, Hamer custom shop model from 2005. Just like that guitar, the new Monaco Korina features a solid korina single cut body and korina neck with ebony fretboard and jumbo frets. The two soapbar P90 pickups and wrap-around Wilkinson bridge deliver a warm and versatile tone and all the sustain of much heavier mahogany solid body guitars.

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The Monaco

Hamer Monaco 560

Photo above: Hamer Monaco (click for hi-res version)

The Hamer Monaco (£799 RRP inc VAT) is a comfortable carved top single cutaway design built with a solid maple cap on a mahogany body and a set neck for great tone. The Monaco is visually stunning with a Cherry Sunburst figured maple veneer and it features a smooth playing mahogany set-neck and an ebony fingerboard that features classy victory inlays.

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The Archtop and Archtop Tremolo

Hamer Archtop 560

Photo above: Hamer Archtop (click for hi-res version)

Hamer Archtop Tremolo 560

Photo above: Hamer Archtop Tremolo (click for hi-res version)

The Hamer Archtop (£699 RRP inc VAT) and Hamer Archtop Tremolo (£749 RRP inc VAT) are based on the Hamer Studio body, the third classic Hamer design introduced in 1977. Upgraded with a solid maple top on a mahogany body, the tone is beefy yet focused and the Transparent Black (Archtop) and Dark Cherry Burst (Archtop Tremolo) finishes on figured maple veneer, result in two visually inspiring instruments.

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The Special Jr.

Hamer SpecialJr 560

Photo above: Hamer Special Jr. (click for hi-res version)

The Hamer Special Jr. (£529 RRP inc VAT) is based on a slightly downscaled version of the Hamer Sunburst, originally released in 1980. Built with a full depth dovetail neck joint and fitted with a Hamer Dog Eared P-90, the Hamer Special Jr. provides resonance galore.

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All models are in stock now.

Further Information

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