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Molded PE Pedal Board & Carry Case

SRP £114.00 inc VAT

Choosing the right stomp-boxes to customise your unique blend of chords can be maddening enough. Should your effects include distortion or delay or compression or chorus? Whatever you choose is as unique to your own style as….well, you are! Keep your stomp-boxes secured with the G‐BONE Molded Pedal Board from Gator Cases.

This super strong yet lightweight USA‐Made Rigid Polyethylene pedal board can accommodate up to 5 of your favourite pedals and includes an elongated section perfect for one of the larger volume or wah pedals. A hook and loop angled surface allows for simple and secure pedal mounting while providing you easy access to your pedals. Plug in and play on with the included Gator G‐BUS‐8 9v daisy chain power supply. Storage is simple with Gator’s black convenient carry bag including a large accessory pocket. Mix and match the pedals that provide you with your own signature sound, and let the G‐BONE from Gator Cases keep it all together.

  • USA‐Made Rigid Polyethylene Pedal Board
  • Can Accommodate up to 5 Stomp Boxes
  • One Larger Surface for Larger Volume or Wah Pedals
  • Gator G‐BUS‐8 9v Daisy Chain Power Supply Included
  • Hook and Loop Angled Surface for Pedal Mounting
  • Black Convenient Carry Bag with Accessory Pocket
Exterior Length610 mm
Exterior Width292 mm
Exterior Height51 mm
Exterior Weight1.59 kilograms
Exterior Length635 mm
Exterior Width330 mm
Exterior Height102 mm
Exterior Weight1.81 kilograms