EBS and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce that the new EBS Reidmar 750, a more powerful version of the acclaimed original Reidmar, will be arriving in the UK this month.

EBS Reidmar 750 front 560

Photo above: EBS Reidmar 750 - Front (click for hi-res version)

All lightweight amp designs are not equal.  The EBS Reidmar and new Reidmar 750 utilise a lightweight design that challenges any heavy-weight boutique amp for tonal quality, equipped as they are with EBS’s famed analogue preamp combined with a Class D power amp.

Offering an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the new Reidmar 750 offers up to 700W of power compared to its 470W sister.  The preamp is almost identical to the original Reidmar, but the added Drive section adds to the palette of tools available to shape your tone.

EBS Reidmar 750 back 560

Photo above: EBS Reidmar 750 - Back (click for hi-res version)

On the back, the new Reidmar 750 adds remote footswitch control inputs. Connect the EBS RM-4 footswitch to activate and/or bypass the Drive, Character filter and EQ section on the amp, or mute the sound. 

The Reidmar 750 is the perfect light-weight amp to use with any full size EBS cabinet and is ideal for type of gig!

Key Features

  • Analogue preamp, Class-D Power Amp with 4-band EQ
  • Effects Loop. Built-in Compressor. Character Filter. Filter Bypass.
  • Notch Filter to prevent feedback.Bright Filter. Drive. XLR-Out with Speaker Simulation.
  • Possible to use with the EBS RM-4 footswitch to control Character Filter (On/Off), EQ-section (On/Bypass), Drive (On/Off) and Mute. 
  • 120 V/230V switchable
  • Output Power: 700 W RMS @ 4 ohms

Pricing and Availability

The EBS Reidmar 750 will be available this month at £599 RRP inc VAT.

EBS is distributed in the UK/ROI by Sound Technology Ltd.   For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/ebs.