The January issue of Guitarist magazine focuses on the best guitars, amps and effects of 2013. Three Sound Technology brands are included - the Washburn Parallaxe PXS20FR, Larrivée's P-03 Walnut parlour guitar and DigiTech's JamMan Solo XT Looper.

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On the Washburn Parallaxe PXS20FR:

"...this posh rock instrument from Washburn's Parallaxe series boasts an impressive specification that includes the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Original Floyd Rose Whammy and a pair of Mr Duncan's finest pickups, with series/parallel coil-switching. The 80's are back!"

On the Larrivée P-03W:

"There's no doubt that parlour-size acoustic guitars have been enjoying a bit of a resurgence this year. Cheap ones are exactly that, but when you use solid spruce, solid walnut and you put it together with Larrivée's skill and craft, you have a compelling Americana fingerstyle instrument just like this one. Superb".

On the DigiTech JamMan Solo XT:

"This follow-up builds on its predecessor in every way: stereo inputs/outputs, 200 internal memories (expandable via micro SD card), plus a USB socket to transfer audio to and from your computer. Best of all is JamSync: link one JamMan to another for ensemble looping. Proof that it isn't all about playing with yourself any more".

The full Gear of the Year feature can be found in the January issue (376) of Guitarist magazine. The Washburn Parallaxe PXS20FR (£829 RRP inc VAT), Larrivée P-03 Walnut (£999 RRP inc VAT) and DigiTech JamMan Solo XT (£179 RRP inc VAT) are all available now.

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