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VIDEO: Using the DigiTech SDRUM with acoustic guitar
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VIDEO: Using the DigiTech SDRUM with acoustic guitar

After spending some time with the DigiTech SDRUM recording our demo video (which you can see here: we decided to set ourselves an interesting challenge...

The SDRUM is an invaluable tool for practising and writing at home, however we wanted to see how it would fair when accompanied by two musicians; specifically myself on acoustic guitar and a fellow colleague on bass, in a live setting

This presented a new challenge for the SDRUM. We had to find the best way to calibrate the pedal to work with an acoustic guitar and its piezo system. I approached the calibration in the same way that an acoustic guitarist would approach creating percussion; by hitting the body to trigger a Kick sample and scratching the strings to trigger the Snare.

Once this was calibrated, we were able to create a nice simple brush shuffle in no time, and after a small tweak to the verse groove, we were off playing a simple Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus in no time at all.

We could then store this song within the SDRUM's available slots and go on to record 35 other songs ready for our mammoth gig.

With some more imagination, the possibilities are surely endless with this pedal … and it plays nicely with friends too! Glastonbury here we come… make way for the SDRUM.

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