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VIDEO: Using the DigiTech SDRUM as a songwriting tool
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VIDEO: Using the DigiTech SDRUM as a songwriting tool

DigiTech have built a reputation recently for providing guitar players with not only pedals that provide immense tonal possibilities, but also pedals that inspire songwriting creativity and promote musicianship. The TRIO became a staple for all bedroom guitarists looking for more inspiration as well keen songwriters to audition their ideas with a basic rhythm section. TRIO+ built upon the precedent set with the TRIO but added audio looping options as well as a plethora of improved rhythmic options; SDRUM takes ‘rhythmic options’ to a new level.

SDRUM approaches creating drum grooves from a different direction to its brothers in the TRIO range. This time, instead of analysing your guitar riff and the pedal applying drums that suit, the user can directly trigger Kick and Snare samples by scratching guitar strings to a rhythm. You can then ’teach’ the pedal your Kick and Snare pattern and, once that’s learnt, the pedal will automatically expand your pattern to a full drum kit with Hi-Hats, Rides as well as all other drummer-like subtleties required.

When it was time to record a video for SDRUM, my goal was to get across to you guys how quick it is to get started. We’ve all been caught in that moment when you’ve forgotten what an earth you were playing by the time you’ve programmed your drums into a DAW … but with SDRUM, within a minute I was already playing along to a verse and chorus.

SDRUM offers a load of variety when it comes to Hi-Hat, Ride and Tom patterns to complement your Kick and Snare pattern. With 36 different patterns to pick from, you can experiment with different feels in your song. Set the ride up to 16th notes for something a bit frantic, or drop the HiHat down to 1/4 notes for something more relaxed… of course, for those really laid-back times, we have a nifty Tempo control.

The pedal sounds great first and foremost; the drums fills and ghost notes that are applied to the groove are very authentic, but also, you can store up to 36 different songs to be recalled at any time - perfect for a set or two if you’re out and gigging on your lonesome.

There's also a JAM SYNC port on the top of the pedal that can sync perfectly with one of DigiTech's JAMMAN Loopers to enable you to loop over the groove and build your song ideas from the ground up or layer your loops at the gig. I'm hoping to show you this in a future video!

SDRUM is a great addition to the DigiTech band-in-a-box range. I’m thinking of getting one on my board just so that I can demonstrate rhythmic ideas to real drummers!

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