"The FreqOut isn't the first pedal to attempt feedback emulation, but it is the only one to nail it, and that makes it a must-buy in our book”.

TG FreqOut 560

Another month, another award for the acclaimed DigiTech FreqOut.  The new 'Natural Feedback Creator' pedal from DigiTech receives a 5 out of 5 rating and the magazine’s coveted ‘Best Buy’ award in the new issue of Total Guitar.

“Feedback is the telltale sign of a guitar running at full tilt into a real, raging amp. Yet it's not something that can be easily replicated - until DigiTech dropped the FreqOut…”.

"It can be unpredictable, but that only adds to the realism. What's more, a dry switch kills your guitar signal, leaving only the feedback: slide between notes and you've got a thoroughly usable theremin/EBow impersonation."

"It's hard to believe the sounds you can coax from the FreqOut aren't real feedback, until you remember you're playing a clean tone through headphones - this pedal makes the impossible possible, especially for anyone seeking live-in-the-room sounds from plug-ins”.

The full review can be found in the June issue of Total Guitar magazine on sale now.  The DigiTech FreqOut is also available now priced at £149 RRP inc VAT.

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