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Welcome to our latest #thisweek blog post! This week we've got news of the firmware updates from Digitech, fantastic review of the Washburn Woodline and Heritage range from Acoustic Guitar Magazine, pro news from Pro-light + Sound awards and a new video from Andertons! 

Read on for all the details!

JBL EON ONE Wins PSNEurope’s Best of Show Award at Prolight + Sound 2016

JBL EON ONE:“Aesthetically striking, this all-in-one PA system with 6-channel mixer will have escaped the attention of few visitors to the Harman stand. Intrinsically highly portable, the single-column speaker is bound to find favour with gigging musicians and DJs, as well as corporate venues, fitness studios and more. Plus, a listening test confirms that the audio is performance is clear, detailed and impactful.”

All awards entrants and winners will appear online in the ‘Best of Show Prolight + Sound’ digital edition, coming soon.

Screen Shot 2016 04 14 at 9 52 41 AM

DigiTech release Firmware Update for Original TRIO Pedal and TRIO+ Manager for the new TRIO+ Band Creator + Looper

The firmware update includes Enhanced Selectable Footswitch modes, a Pre-Select Style and a Tempo Hint feature using ALT-TIME, a button used to quickly try out an alternative interpretation of the song – usually half or double time. In addition, the bass now plays simplified, supportive lines lower on the neck for most non-acoustic bass styles.

DigiTech have also released TRIO+ Manager that allows for management of the SD card memory for TRIO+. Songs can now be easily named, renamed and downloaded from the TRIO+ SD card to the computer and from the computer to the SD card. This makes it much easier for TRIO+ power users who use multiple cards for longer sets or writing sessions.


Acoustic magazine review new Washburn Heritage & Woodline guitars

"For us, they are both above average style wise, and in the top bracket of quality for the money...The key thing is if either lights up your eyes visually, you should play them - they will not disappoint".

Acoustic heri wood 560

The full review can be found in the May 2016 issue of Acoustic magazine on sale now.

Special edition Zebrano Larrivée models featured in latest Andertons 'Acoustic Paradiso' video

Here’s another awesome video from Andertons latest ‘Acoustic Paradiso’ series videos - this time featuring Larrivee’s P-03 Zebrano and OM-03 Zebrano.


Larrivée P-03 Zebrano and OM-03 Zebrano highlighted in new Andertons video.

Larrivee acousticparadiso 560

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