“DOD pedals are back thanks to DigiTech, with new tweaks designed to reinvigorate these old faithfuls for today’s breed of players”.

G B 410 440 560

The two latest DOD reissues, the Envelope Filter 440 & Bifet Boost 410, are both reviewed in the new issue of Guitar & Bass magazine.  They are praised, in particular, for being “extremely functional and well built “.

Regarding the DOD Envelope Filter 440, “...(it) is a very nice sounding auto wah. It delivers all the classic sounds, is very easy to tweak, the controls are highly interactive and you can really work your way to an individual tone."

Regarding the DOD Bifet Boost 410, “…(it) is a pedal that fits neatly into the ‘toolkit’ category; it’s not an effect as such, but it gives you more control over your sound and allows you to shape the overall characteristics in some very subtle ways”.

The full review can be found in the January issue of Guitar & Bass magazine on sale now.  The DOD Envelope Filer 440 and Bifet Boost 410 are also available now at £89 RRP inc VAT.