Total Guitar magazine test the DOD Boneshaker Distortion, Meatbox (2015) Sub Synth, Gonkulator (2015) Ring Modulator and Gunslinger MOSFET Distortion pedals in new issue.

Tg dod4 560

On the DOD Boneshakerr, “A three-band EQ with individual levels provides huge gain-shaping potential, while a depth knob rounds and pushes the lows to cut through.  The pedal sounds mighty with everything at 12 o’clock or with specific frequencies boosted, straddling the line between distortion and fuzz”.

On the DOD Meatbox (2015), “Unlike a conventional octaver, the Meatbox adds a synthesised sub-octave with a hint of envelope to your tone, and can even simulate subwoofers through a regular cab”.  Like the original, it’s enormously fun, but ultimately niche”.

On the DOD Gonkulator (2015), “The reissue ups its appeal by adding an adjustable carrier frequency, which allows you to tune the ring mod to your playing - keep it in key, and you can get some pretty usable clangs and bell-type tones.  A built in distortion circuit makes everything infinitely more palatable and makes for a pretty fine drive…”.

On the DOD Gunslinger, “Its MOSFET clipping provides a tight, snappy gain with a valve-like respond, which yields big amp-like sounds with a bridge hum bucker, coupled with a hefty serving of sustain for solos ad grunt and rhythm playing”.

The full review can be found in the January 2016 issue of Total Guitar magazine on sale now.  The DOD Boneshaker, Meatbox, Gonkulator and Gunslinger are also all available now starting at £94 RRP inc VAT.

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