Reviews of DOD Meatbox (2015) Sub Synth and DOD Gonkulator (2015) Ring Modulator pedals in January issue of Guitarist magazine.

Guitarist gonk meat 560

On the DOD Meatbox Sub Synth, “More than just an octave pedal, the Meatbox adds a adds a lower octave to your original note, plus a synthesised note 30Hz below that”.

“A powerful bottom-end enhancer.  Just what you’d expect to find in a meatbox: plenty of beef!"

On the DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator, “Ring modulation might not be a universal choice as an essential pedalboard item, but when used judiciously, it’s a really interesting effect that can range from a mild otherworldly texturing to almighty levels of tonal freakout.  With very few ring-modulation pedals on the market, DOD’s re-imagining of the increasingly rare Gonkulator is most welcome”.

“Distortion with a weird edge, or metallic textures doubled with dirt.  Take your pick…”.

The full review can be found in the January 2016 issue of Guitarist magazine on sale now.  The DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator (2015) and DOD Meatbox Sub Synth (2015) are also available now priced at £154 RRP inc VAT.

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