"Don't be put off by the scary jester, this pedal is a three-part festival of modulation fun”.

G B Ventura 560

The Ventura Vibe Rotary/Vibrato pedal from DigiTech delivers both vintage and modern sounds with three rotary/vibrato effect types  Additionally, the foot-switchable speed function allows you to ramp between slow and fast speed on the fly.  It is awarded the Guitar & Bass ‘Choice’ award in the latest issue of the magazine.

"The stereo effect works well in all three modes, and so does the ramping feature: keep your foot on the switch and the modulation will wind up quickly to maximum speed, then slow down as soon as you lift off". 

"All in all, the Ventura Vibe is a fun pedal to use, with three highly creative effects, plus useful acceleration and overdrive features". 

The full review can be found in the August 2016 issue of Guitar & Bass magazine on sale now.  The DigiTech Ventura Vibe is also available now priced at £119 RRP ex VAT.

DigiTech is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/digitech.