DigiTech Bass Whammy, DOD Overdrive Preamp 250, EBS Classic Session 120, EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive and Washburn Parallaxe PXM20 all included in Guitar & Bass magazine’s special awards issue.

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It is that time of year again and no less than five Sound Technology products are included in Guitar & Bass magazine’s Gear of the Year 2014 cover feature.

On the DigiTech Bass Whammy, “…this is as close to a ‘must treat yourself’ as you’re ever going to get.  Great fun…and isn’t that important too?"

On the DOD Overdrive Preamp 250, “...the 250 is a straightforward yet surprisingly versatile overdrive whose appeal goes way beyond nostalgia”.

On the EBS Classic Session 120, “Add up the facts that the EBS is affordable, that it has a useful built-in tilt-back facility, comes with plenty of sturdy sonic options and also has a cool, classy look, and this 120W 1x12” combo starts to look very appealing”.

On the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive, "This all-in-one bass mayhem pedal combines overdrive, clean/dirty blend, EQ and compression plus an added FX loop".

On the Washburn PXM20, “If you require versatility, this instrument has it in spades.  It’s been calibrated for the dedicated shredder but can capably cover the entire spectrum of the electric guitar repertoire with aplomb”.

The full feature can be found in the latest issue (December, 2014) of Guitar & Bass magazine on sale now.