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DOD Gonkulator

Ring Modulator

SRP £129.00 inc VAT

“Freq out!” The updated DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator (2015) has all of the clangy, robotic sounds, of the infamous ‘90’s era original, but with a far more flexible, adjustable, carrier signal control.

The adjustable carrier signal allows you to tune the ring modulation giving you the ability to go from slightly-skewed modulation to wildly, atonal chaos. But wait there is more to the Gonkulator than just off-kilter pendulous tones, the Gonkulator is actually two effects in one! The Gonk has an aggressive distortion circuit to further mangle your guitar’s signal.

The DOD Gonkulator (2015) offers independent Gain, Distortion, Output, Frequency and Ring controls. It features true bypass circuitry, an updated PSU jack and vintage-style aluminium chassis. True bypass allows your tone to remain pristine even when the DOD Gonkulator is off. This is a big difference from the original, which would colour your bypassed tone and the modern 9V DC power supply input makes the pedal more pedalboard friendly.

  • Based on the cult favourite DOD Gonkulator circuit design with updated components
  • Adjustable Carrier Signal
  • True bypass
  • 9V DC power supply jack
  • Crisp blue status LED
  • Lighter aluminum chassis
DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator | Reverb Demo Video
DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator | Reverb Demo Video
The DOD Gonkulator, originally released in 1996, is back in all of its wild, warbly glory. Loved by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, the Gonk is a ring-mod boasting jangly, robotic tones that can veer from totally chaotic to beautifully harmonic. The Gonkulator now sports a Frequency knob so you can sweep your tone from slightly askew to quavering out of control. Crank in the Gain and Distortion for a full, lush tone only found with the Gonkulator reissue. Compare Prices on New and Used DOD Pedals at Watch 
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