“Crush has definitely got its own way of doing things and this kit has been designed from the ground up to have its own look and sound.  As a package it feels complete and makes a competitively priced alternative to established brands”.

Rhythm sublimeAXM 560

Following a ‘First Look’ last month, the Crush Sublime AXM kit gets a full review in the February issue of Rhythm where it also receives the magazine’s ‘Rhythm Recommends’ award.

"For a start there’s the arresting finish.  Combining a matte black stain with silver highlights picking out the grain patterns, it’s a simple but eye-catching that celebrates the wood’s natural features whilst at the same time oozing modernity and urban chic”.

“One-up/one-down is my preferred configuration, so this kit has got ‘play me’ written all over it from the moment it’s unboxed”.

“Indeed the drums punch through with urgency, aided no doubt by the presence of the ash, while the influence of the maple ensures they carry a full set of frequencies and bags of warmth”.

“The sizes, layout and sheer character of the kit leave me with no option but to really get stuck in and the drums respond to every dynamic increase”.

“I gig the kit and it excels in a live setting, coming through loud and clear - not just in terms of volume but also on a frequency level as well,  I also use it on a studio date and listen back to it in hi-fidelity.  Rather than jostling for position amongst the distorted guitar, throbbing bass and jagged vocals its crisp, solid performance leads the way with the other instruments riding shotgun”.

The full review can be found in the February 2015 issue of Rhythm magazine on sale now.  The Crush Sublime AXM kit is also available now at £1099 RRP inc VAT for the 22", 12", 14S", 16" configuration (as reviewed).