"They provide superb spatial imaging, at a level you just don’t get from most other £250 headphones."

Featuring exceptional audio performance and comfort, the closed-back, over-ear, Hi-X55 is the first model in Austrian Audio's new Hi-X (High-Excursion) Series. They are reviewed this month by Trusted Reviews, where they are praised in particular for their "superb sound width and depth for a closed pair", "wonderfully engaging listen” and "three-dimensional imaging”.

"How the Austrian Audio Hi-X55 handle space and positioning of sound is the highlight here. These headphones have highly dynamic, three dimensional presentation. For closed-back headphones, they sound huge."

"The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 are great headphones for a home studio. They sound great and their sound field is very large, which is a particular asset if you deal in largely electronic music and therefore have almost limitless control over the little worlds of sound you create."

The full review can be found here.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 headphones are available now priced at £249 RRP inc VAT. 

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