For the March 2023 issue of Sound On Sound, Editor In Chief Sam Inglis reviewed the OC7 & OD5 Instrument microphones from Austrian Audio. 

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Overall, the review is very positive towards the innovative design of the microphones, stating " can be a challenge to position a close mic on a snare drum so that its tail doesn't get in the way of the hi-hat or rack tom. That's much less of an issue with the OD5 and OC7 because you can keep the 'stalk' parallel to the ground and rotate the capsule to look at your preferred bit of drum head." and "The angle of the capsule can be freely and precisely set with no need to adjust the mic stand."

In conclusion, the review summises "The OD5 and OC7 bring ergonomic innovation to the world of instrument mics and offer an appealing sonic contrast, with the OC7 supplying a 'vanilla', neutral tonal quality and the OD5 introducing some rock & roll excitement".

The full review of the Austrian Audio OC7 & OD5 can be found in the March 2023 issue of Sound On Sound, as well as here.

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