"A well‑built, good‑sounding live vocal mic that should deliver quality results straight out of the box with most singers."

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The Austrian Audio OD505 new Active Dynamic microphone that brings Austrian Audio's acclaimed studio-quality microphone experience and technology to a handheld vocal mic that is designed for live performance. It is reviewed in Sound On Sound magazine this month.

"For comparison purposes, I dug out my Shure Beta 57A, another supercardioid moving‑coil mic. Side by side, the OD505 has a lot more going on in the 100‑150Hz region, and even with that 120Hz filter engaged, it’s the richer‑sounding of the two. It also sounds quite a bit more present in the upper midrange — crisp and almost airy — whilst the 57A feels more solid and focused in the 1kHz area. Or to put it another way, when used close up the OD505 has a pleasant but noticeably ’scooped’ tonality which is not entirely unreminiscent of Austrian Audio’s headphones."

"All in all, the OD505 delivers what I think could justifiably be called a ‘mix ready’ sound. With most singers and most PA systems, you could plug it in and expect to get something that sounds right with minimal additional work beyond keeping half an ear out for that proximity boost."

The full review can be found here. The Austrian Audio OD505 is available now priced at £229 RRP inc VAT.

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