MusicRadar have recently reviewed the Austrian Audio MiCreator microphone system, including both the Studio and Satellite microphones.

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The review is very positive and thanks to using different methods to test the microphones, it also offers readers the chance to understand how it performs in different recording scenarios.

To start, the reviewer states the MiCreator Studio 'feels very solid' and this solid build provides users with an easy to deploy piece of kit thanks to its tilting and shockmounted head, as well as the ability to use it both on a mic stand and tabletop.

The reviewer has used the MiCreator for both voice and instrument recordings and notes 'The recording quality is excellent and not just for voice, although it does excel in this area. It also sounds exceptional with instruments.' Whilst using the Satellite microphone to record a piano with the Studio mic, they suggested the recording quality was still great and 'the 2-mic option certainly allows for more flexibility when mixing.'

To conclude 'MiCreator Studio – and indeed the Satellite option – is a fabulous, well-priced and easy solution for podcasting, singer-songwriters and high-quality instrument recording.'

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