Entertainment Focus recently reviewed the Austrian Audio PB17 headset, the professional business offering of their headset range. The review mentions the impressive sound and mic quality of the headset, whilst also adding that the overall comfort of the headset is excellent for those long work calls.

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Speaking of the comfort of the PB17 headset, Entertainment Focus said, "With a sleek and lightweight design, the headphones encompass the ears but unlike a lot of headphones on the market, they don’t put too much pressure on the ears meaning that you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable."

The review also mentions how impressive it is to have a headset that provides versatility, due to its audio and mic quality, mentioning "crystal clear audio and a mic that picks up incredibly well, and it’s just as impressive for listening to music or listening to video audio... It’s a real bonus not to have to take the headphones off and use a different set for non-call related listening..."

Overall, Entertainment Focus were very impressed with not only the quality of the product, but how well the product performs for its pricetag - with a verdict of 4/5 and "The quality is better than you’d expect at this price range and it’s a good alternative to some of the more expensive options on the market. Add to that a very comfortable wear and the PB17 is a very attractive proposition."

For the full review of the Austrian Audio PB17, follow the link here.

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