Austrian Audio OC818 microphones, Cranborne Audio 500ADAT & 500R8 and Solid State Logic SiX all included in magazine's annual gear feature

Austrian Audio OC818

"AKG's CK12 capsule was a key component of several all-time great studio mics, but it was costly to make and has never been properly recreated in a production microphone. The Austrian Audio team have overcome these manufacturing challenges to produce the updated CKR12 capsule, and in the OC818, they have brought to market a top-class mic at a very tempting price". Sam Inglis

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Cranborne Audio 500ADAT & 500R8

"I've been waiting years for something like the 500ADAT to come along, and not only did Cranborne Audio over-deliver with this high-quality, feature-rich 500-series chassis, analogue mixer and ADAT converter-they also delivered an even more fully featured version with USB audio interfacing and monitor control facilities, the 500R8. And adding to the wow factor is that the audio specs would be something to write home about even if these things cost double what they do! I can't wait to see what they come up with next." Matt Houghton

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Solid State Logic SiX

"SSL consoles have commanded a legendary status in recording studio history for nearly 50 years, and while the company have made some small-scale consoles, none have really been affordable for the amateur home-studio musician - until the introduction of the SiX. This very compact yet remarkably versatile and capable mixer evokes classic SSL styling and employs the revered SuperAnalogue technology. It is impressively well built, but also attractively priced. What's not to like?” Hugh Robjohns

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