OC818 Studio Set

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Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Multiple Polar Patterns


• OC818 Microphone

• Spidermount

• Pop Shield

• Mini XLR

• Mic Clip

OC818 Features:

• Multipattern Dual Output Condenser Microphone with World’s First optional wireless control

• Handmade CKR12 ceramic capsule, made to same critical dimensions as the best legacy CK12 capsules we could find, measure, and record

• Multiple polar patterns

• Microprocessor control of polarization voltages

• 2 different analogue high-pass filters with 3 settings 2 different types of analogue pads

• Dual outputs for recording each diaphragm separately

• Debuts Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics Technology

• Handmade in Vienna

• Frequency range: 20Hz – 20 kHz

• Impedance: 275 Ohms (2x)

• Sensitivity (all directions): 13mV/Pa

• Supply voltage: 48V (4ma)

At the heart of Vienna is a deep tradition of love for music.

At the heart of our revolutionary OC818 and OC18 is an equally passionate commitment to sound and engineering excellence. Each of these Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) microphones has a handcrafted Austrian Audio CKR12 ceramic capsule as its heart. There are very few people that can design, let alone construct, a classic edge-terminated capsule. There is also the question of building them by hand in Europe. 

We bring passion to everything that we do, and nobody brings more passion to making our CKR12 ceramic capsule by hand then our very own Monika. See, Monika has been building high-end transducers since the mid-1990s. Her hands have carefully constructed some of the most respected audio tools in the world. When she wasn’t making classics, she was training a new generation on the art and craft of proper transducer construction. That tradition and heritage continues as Monika has made every CKR12 to date along with most of our microphones and is now training the next generation of historic transducer and microphone builders at Austrian Audio.

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The OC818 features dual audio outputs that allows the recordist, engineer, musician and forward-thinking artist to record the rear facing capsule independently of the forward-facing capsule. A Mini XLR to XLR adaptor for the rear output is included. 

If both capsules are recorded to a stereo or dual-mono track, our free and Open Source PolarDesigner plug-in (Mac/Win: VST, AU & AAX) will allow for unprecedented control and tailoring of polar patterns between 1 and 5 bands with selectable crossover points during the mix process.
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  • Design the polar pattern of your dreams
  • Craft different polar pattern
  • Responses across 1-5 crossover bands
  • Store, recall, and share presets
  • Powerful Terminator AI for eliminating or rescuing selected frequencies and instruments
  • Equalization control for imprinting the tonality of freefield or diffuse-field idealized responses
  • Solo/mute each band
  • Full automation of course
  • Phase linear
  • Optimized for use with the OC818 in Dual Output mode but works with any dual output source
  • Excellent for busy sessions (we’re looking at you, Nashville!) - tune instrument pickup during the mix stage!

The OC818 is also the first multi-patterned microphone to feature the world’s first wireless pattern and switching control via an optional transmitter/receiver (OCR8) that can be fitted to the rear of the microphone. This unique feature allows for a previously unheard of 255 discrete polar patterns between figure-of-eight, through all of the cardioid versions and into omnidirectional. The free control software, PolarPilot, will be available for iOS and Android. This all occurs in the analogue domain and there is no processing or conversion of the mic’s signal to digital.

  • Free PolarPilot app (Android and iOS) allows wireless control over your analogue: patterns, high-pass and pad in real-time via BlueTooth
  • Save, recall, and share favourite settings
  • Discover and create 255 discrete polar patterns. 
  • One setting may be stored in OC818 for use without PolarPilot app
  • Your OC818 is always pure analogue.It is only the analogue bias voltages that are being governed remotely. Switching also is always analogue. No digital in either the audio or bias paths.
  • 60 second OC818 clipping monitor/logger
  • Wireless control from the comfort of your chair!

*Optional OCR8 Required.

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"In the OC818, Austrian Audio have combined old-school expertise with clever innovation to deliver a really special large-diaphragm studio microphone at a compelling price." - Reviewed by Sound on Sound
"I recommend either of these microphones [OC818 / OC18] to anyone looking to buy a world-class large diaphragm condenser microphone without breaking the bank. They are true giant-killers." - Reviewed by Music Tech
“The consistent quality of the sounds the OC818 delivers over a wide variety of applications is a real testament to Austrian Audio’s new capsule design – the results really are quite stunning.” - Reviewed by Audio Technology
“Not only is the sound excellent; also the build quality of these microphones is worth mentioning; attention has been paid to detail and they feel sturdy and robust. You can purchase these microphones with confidence if you are looking for a new high-quality and versatile recording option.” - Reviewed by Music Maker Magazine
"The sound is round, noble and clearly in the CK12 tradition - A fabulous all-rounder for live as well as in the studio on many voices and instruments makes a very good figure. I can fully recommend the OC818. “ - Reviewed by Amazona
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