Ashton and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a number of new Ashton percussion products.

ACJ58 flat 560

Photo above: Ashton ACJ58 Cajon (click for hi-res version)

The introduction of the Ashton ACJ58 and ACJ90 marks Ashton’s debut in the cajon market.  The ACJ58 is a small size cajon, constructed of Sapele with string effect.  The ACJ90 is a standard size cajon, constructed of Ash with string effect.

ACJ90 flat 560

Photo above: Ashton ACJ90 Cajon (click for hi-res version)

A Latin American classic, the Ashton MA2 wooden maracas are 23.4 cm long and feature a tri-colour design.  Ashton MA3 wooden maracas are also available at 19cm long.

MA2 Hires 560

Photo above: Ashton MA2 Maracas (click for hi-res version)

The Ashton HNT16SBL and HNT20SBL are hand tambourines ideal for child use or in an educational setting.  The HNT16SBL has a single frame with 16 jingles, whereas the HNT20DBL features a double frame with 20 jingles.  Both have a Blue finish.

HNT20DBL 560

Photo above: Ashton HNT20SBL hand tambourine (click for hi-res version)

Pricing and Availability

  • Ashton ACJ58 - £59 RRP inc VAT - Available now
  • Ashton ACJ90 - £89 RRP inc VAT - Available now
  • Ashton MA2 - £9.99 RRP inc VAT - Available now
  • Ashton HNT16SBL - £8.99 RRP inc VAT - Available now
  • Ashton HNT20DBL - £10.99 RRP inc VAT - December 2015

Ashton is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd.  For more information please call 01462 48000 or visit