Sound on Sound Magazine have reviewed the Apogee BOOM in their October 2022 issue. The new entry level interface with onboard DSP has received a write up from Sam Inglis who had this to say in his summary:

"In sonic terms, the stand‑out feature of the BOOM for me was its headphone amp. This outperforms those found in most other bus‑powered interface, and to my ears, actually sounds better than the headphone amps in many mains‑powered devices. I’d go so far as to say that even if you never recorded a note through the BOOM, it would be a valid choice as a high‑end DAC for music listening. And as an interface for recording and mixing, it’s hard to fault."

"The mic preamp offers a total of 72dB if you factor in its 10dB pad. Again, this is significantly better than what you get in most affordable interfaces. It is [...] very highly specified, with a particularly impressive EIN figure of ‑128dB unweighted, equivalent to an A‑weighted measurement of ‑131dB."

"When it comes to high‑quality affordable interfaces, Apogee are back in the game."

You can read the full review here: