“...the Element's preamps stayed crystal clear all the way up until we began clipping the converters. Using the two preamps for a stereo recording, we used the digital control software to exactly match the gain of each input for a precise stereo image with a perfectly centred focal point. Coupled with the superbly clean preamps, we achieved a beautifully detailed classical guitar recording”. 

MT Element24 560

Apogee’s Element 24, 46 and 88 are Thunderbolt audio I/O boxes for Mac. The Element Series takes the best of cutting-edge Apogee gear like Symphony I/O Mk II, Ensemble Thunderbolt and Groove and puts it into simple form factors. The smallest in the range, the Apogee Element 24, is reviewed in the new issue of MusicTech magazine.

"The Element 24 is an intriguing take on interfacing. Placing everything in your computer means you can spend more time at the screen and less time toying with the hardware”.

"The preamps in the Element series use a two-stage design, using the first stage for low-gain settings and switching in the second stage when higher gain is required. This design allows the Element preamps to be extremely quiet, as each stage can be tuned to perform at its best over a more limited range”.

"Comparing the Element 24 with other mic preamps, using the line input of the Element 24 to rule out any conversion differences, revealed the preamps to be very flat and neutral. The Element preamps were much cleaner than either our UA LA-610 - itself very clean for a valve preamp - or our CAPI VP28s, which had a more present midrange and began to cook the signal when driven hard”.

The full review can be found in the April issue of MusicTech magazine on sale now.  The Apogee Element 24 is also available now priced at £549 RRP inc VAT.

For more information on the Apogee Element Series please click here.

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